While many nonprofit organizations, including P2, provide services largely through volunteers, there are still expenses in operating the organization. We incur charges for copying materials; postage for mailings; maintaining the P2 website; and publicizing P2’s efforts throughout the area it serves.

Moreover, P2 is looking to expand the reach and effectiveness of its mission. A significant website upgrade has just been completed. This has required hiring outside resources and expertise. A major redesign of P2’s brochures and publicity materials will begin soon. And some paid publicity may prove helpful to reach folks needing P2’s assistance.
Lastly, to be viable over the long run, P2 will need a paid director. Now is the time to build up a pool of resources to launch such a position and establish a foundation for a sustainable future.

Our very modest program fees cover a small part of these expenses, but not enough to pay them all, much less expand P2’s mission. And, we welcome all who need our services, even if they cannot afford those fees. Thus, your support helps make P2 available to those in need of financial assistance, as well as reach out to those needing our services in the future.

So, please contribute now to help get individuals who are unemployed today back into productive roles tomorrow – just as others have done for you.



Most nonprofit organizations depend on a core of volunteers to do their good deeds. Priority Two is one of those.
Priority Two's strength lies in the dedicated volunteers who believe in Priority Two's work.

Our dedicated volunteers believe in P2’s work because most have been in need of its services themselves, when they were unemployed. So they want to support people in career transition today.

Opportunities to volunteer can involve as little as a couple of hours a month or as much as five or six evening's a year. If you are willing to assist, there is an opportunity to serve the unemployed that matches your availability.

For example:

• Interview new participants to assist them in developing a job search strategy.
• Mentor and support job seekers through their search.
• Present on core topics at P2 program sessions, e.g., resume writing, networking, using LinkedIn, interviewing.
• Updating curriculum materials.
• Planning and carrying out events, such as annual dinners, networking events, panel discussions.
• Provide administrative, at the P2 office or remotely from your home.
• Regardless of your skills or time, there is an opportunity for you to assist those in need at Priority Two. Click below to connect with a P2 volunteer to see how you can best do that.

Contact Gene Bradshaw at genebradshaw13148@gmail.com for more information to donate or to volunteer.