Priority Two is a Christian-based non-profit organization that provides hands-on training with job searching and career counseling. Its’ all-volunteer staff seeks to help people who are unemployed, under-employed or experiencing career transition.

Priority Two provides services for people of all belief systems in an atmosphere of compassion and care. It helps each participant identify gifts, talents, skills, interests and attributes, and provides all job seekers with the search skills needed to find the job that is right for them. Priority Two prepares individuals to market and deliver value within the workplace and provides additional job searching skills when needed. It supports job seekers through job search training programs that include lectures, readings, small group work, interactive discussions, role-playing and more. It seeks to develop, deliver and maintain additional courses, events and programs as deemed appropriate for all aspects of job search and employment retention.

Priority Two's mission is to strengthen individuals' job search skills and focus by:

  • Providing job search training and coaching for job transition, career focus and individual development.
  • Developing individuals' understanding of God-given career and vocational gifts, talents, skills and abilities.
  • Instilling career management skills and employing activities that find and help retain lifelong employment.
  • Providing employment seekers an environment where they see their qualities as valued and unique.
  • Working these qualities into a clear, focused and concise message that uncovers opportunities and delivers results within the marketplace.


  • Develop, deliver and maintain job search programs that center on each individual as a valued resource.
  • Look towards a God-centered relationship as Priority One and look to relationships with others as Priority Two.
  • Encourage participants to network with individuals who can help to enrich job seeker's experiences and opportunities.
  • Provide a process for participants to identify potential workplace opportunities and methods to follow-up on those opportunities within an organization.

Encourage companies and organizations to look toward Priority Two participants and alumni when seeking highly qualified individuals to fill opportunities within their workplace.